Breaking the wall

Recently I started a new journey, the journey of dislodging the mental brick walls that are in the way of things I want to do and enjoy.

This journey has been fraught with difficulty so far, I have been on the receiving end of a phone call to setup an appointment with a counselling service. This has left me wondering:

  • Do these services actually read the notes they are given when someone states they have a particular communication need?
  • Would I have less trouble if I was a foreign language speaker and/or a British Sign Language user?

As stated in my previous post, Heading the Wall, 28% of the UK population has a form of Deafness or Hearing Loss. It baffles me that no-one has considered the needs of nearly 1/3 of the population and this is disgraceful.

I do not wish to take away from these services, the counsellors and the services provided are exceptional…..only if you can access them.

There are so many people out there who are in a much worse position where they are trapped in a vicious circle that they cannot get out of.

I am lucky, I have taken the first step and I intend to make each one count.  I am fortunate to receive the support organising my appointment from my GP surgery and my wonderful supportive wife (Cat).


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